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Everyone Makes Mistakes…

Just like deciding to dress up as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky for Halloween at a costume party where families (including your mother AND mother-in-law) are present.

Yes. Happened. Not the best call I ever made.  

Lesson Learned. Moving right along…

As of today, I have decided to write “mini-posts” mid-week sometimes (or the day before my weekly post-whatev), whenever there is something going on that has my attention and needs to be discussed immediately. Mistake? Maybe. But let’s give it a shot. 

Last night, I was doing what I do best when I can’t sleep: Googling random things. 

When I started this blog deal, (while I have read/still read lots of them) I just assumed my niche would be “Lifestyle”–Because I am talking about my lifestyle and I am sharing stories about my life and throwing random things out there pertaining to life in general. And so, the (wrong) assumption was made. 


So, as I googled “lifestyle blogs” I fell upon this blog post at that shed some light on this niche sitch (situation-work with me here). 

It now makes complete sense, that I am a personal blogger, not lifestyle. Therefore, you will notice that the site title has changed to Lyonhearted: A (up close and) personal blog by Claire Lyons

On a personal note (see what I did there? Lol), Thomas and I are headed up to Starkville (bright and early) this morning to cheer on the Bulldogs as they take on the Auburn Tigers. Hail State. 

No, I’m not blogging and driving. Chill out, I have a designated driver. (Basically, I’m not allowed to drive because my husband wants to make it there alive). 

Just realized I forgot the cowbell. Yes, everyone does in fact make mistakes. But, if there was an award for it–I betcha I would be a front runner. 

Need (gas station) coffee. Now. ☕️

See y’all tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Everyone Makes Mistakes…

  1. As you were driving with a beautiful blue sky. Good for you! Your sister Marie was doing Crossfit and no telling about Ashley. We were sitting in our den watching Hurricane Matthew come for a visit. It is Wednesday night no not really it is Thursday morning 118 AM to be exact and yes I am up washing 5 days of clothes because we have had no power from 1120am Saturday until 8 pm Wednesday night. I am waiting for the next blog. Night

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