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Preppy Eats. 

As I sit at my desk today eating my ‘clean’ Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad with Creamy Balsamic Dressing (fancy, I know), I would like to give a shout to a friend I’ve known longer than I’ve known my husband, Thomas. 

Obligatory food photo #nofilter

Kristin Uribe Grizzard (previously known as KU, now known as KUG once she tied the knot) and her husband David are seriously the cutest ever and they are killing it with this new business endeavor, PREP BY K.U.G.  

Logo Love. Created by A. Gunkel, Seaside and Stilletos (click the image to take you to her site:)

Kristin is like super woman, I swear. . . Not quite sure how she does it. She works full-time as a physical therapy assistant, and she is a (full-time) mom to a toddler with one on the way. She cooks on the 1 day out of her 5 day work week ‘off’—Yes, every Thursday she cooks for everyone on the Mississippi Coast who gets their order in to her by the cut-off (which occurs every Tuesday at noon). The menu changes weekly, and I have listed this week’s delicacies below. 

You still have time to order, clock is ticking. Go on, try it out…you won’t be disappointed.  Meal order pickup occurs every Thursday afternoon in Downtown Ocean Springs. 

On the menu this week…

While sadly I may be considered a fair-weather customer (I do not order every week and definitely do not abide by the whole30/paleo diet, although I should), I am in love with the concept of Prep by K.U.G, especially having this option available in South Mississippi where Whole Foods and Fresh Market cease to exist and fast-food salad was the standard go-to for “healthy” convenience (guilty) before ‘Prep’ made its glorious debut (I am aware that nothing in the world of fast-food is healthy; hence the quotations, calm down!). 

My (unfortunate) Motto

Kristin provides individually-packaged single serving and/or family size portion healthy meals that taste really good. Now that being said, don’t get mad at me when it doesn’t compare to the fried chicken or pizza you’ve been indulging in, I said HEALTHY. In my kind of language, I will translate: It is convenient, reasonably priced, health-food that doesn’t taste like a cardboard box. 

It is so good and makes you feel so good after eating it. So, there. Give it a shot. 

You can order via social media (Instagram or Facebook) or on her website:

For all my out- of-towners, I’m super sorry. Unfortunately she doesn’t ship (I asked). For now she’s keeping it local. But if that changes, I will be sure to let ya know. 

KUG doing her thing.

Eat Better.

Feel Better.


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