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They Didn’t Invent the Chicken…

Just the chicken sandwich. 

True story:

As I get ready to pack my car and head to Atlanta, Georgia (home of the Original Chick-fil-A) to see the one and only Adele in concert (bucket list check-off and Hello spoiler alert: highly likely mini-post material) with some girlfriends, I am not only excited to (a) finally see her in concert and (b) take off work for the next two days, but I (c) can’t help but think of this Atlanta-based fast food mecca.  Yes, ATL has SO MUCH TO OFFER, and I am sitting here thinking of Chick-fil-A at 7am on a Thursday …Lawd have mercy. 

Welp, guess we might just need some chick-n-minis to start this road trip off right! And of course it won’t take long because we will pick up said ‘minis’ from the most organized drive-thru system on planet earth. 

Finally, someone came up with an efficient solution to the dreaded drive-thru problem in America. Can I get an amen? 

“Amen! Pass the chicken.”

That being said, I do love a good chick-n-mini in the morning. . .but as much as I love my morning coffee, you will very rarely catch me with a coffee from Chick-fil-A at any time of day (unless it’s iced on a very rare occasion) because their tea trumps all things liquid and consumable.  My version is half-cut (half sweet/half unsweet) with extra ice. Extra ice always — which makes Thomas (my husband) crazy because ‘you get less drink for your money’, but it’s totally worth it to me. He also does not drink tea at all, which is a cardinal sin in my book, so there!

Now that Chick-fil-A is officially on the brain, I can’t help but think of a number of other noteworthy things. So naturally, I will write about them.  As you can tell, I am slightly obsessed with this place and have been for years; I often contemplate and sometimes verbalize the following regret:

“If only I would have opened one.” 

I say this, not only about Chick-fil-A, but also about Starbucks. While the money-making proposition is obvious (both places always have people packed in there like sardines as if they are giving everything away for free on the daily), I will save details of why Starbucks is also on my franchise-owning wishlist for a future restaurant-related mini-post. For now, let’s just say that Starbucks and Chick-fil-A have a small piece of my heart.  Today, we will focus on Chick-fil-A. 

I have been a Chick-fil-A customer for my entire life–Damn near 33 years; that is a pretty long time.  I went to the original Chick-fil-A Dwarf House location on many a family road trip as we passed through the outskirts of Atlanta and there is a very good possibility I will make my way there at some point between now and Sunday (well, technically Saturday).  I have been to countless mall locations before stand-alone stores started dominating the world of fast-food across the US. And I now frequent the stand-alone location near my house, way too often for my (currently non-existent) waistline’s sake.

Fun Fact–I lived in Fredericksburg, Virginia when/where the famous Chick-fil-A sauce was invented. You could only get said sauce within those city limits at the time because the local franchise owner created it. It was homemade in a big white jug-like container with a pump and no nutrition facts or ingredients listed anywhere (So, it was definitely calorie free, Lol!)… Just an unknown concoction of pure goodness sent down from God himself.  My friends and I could literally tip it back and drink it (which we obviously didn’t do, but you know what I mean). It was just that good. While I am thankful it is now available prepackaged at all locations nationwide for our dipping convenience, it’s just not the same. 

Speaking of availability, Mom is still super pissed to this day that they took their cheesecake off the menu. Pretty sure she has written the company more than once to express this anger. And Dad, well, he is super pissed that they (more recently) got rid of the coleslaw. In fact, when asked at the register if he wanted the recipe (on a pamphlet they printed out for disappointed customers when the bad “no coleslaw for you” news was delivered), he had a slight conniption: a very rare occurrence for him, and it’s usually for random things like this. Poor cashier. 


As for me and my experience, Chick-fil-A never disappoints. I try to see how many times I can say “thank you” to the cashier while placing an order and picking it up at the counter or drive-thru. It makes my life. 

Speaking of making my life (easier), the Chick-fil-A One mobile app is awesome. If you are a loyal customer like me, do yourself a favor and download it ASAP. You can order ahead, bypass the lines altogether, pay via phone with the handy dandy built-in QR code AND get free treats. Win. Win. Win. Win.  (Download the Starbucks app too while you’re at it…I’m pretty sure they may have originated this genius app concept.)

Speaking of treats, their Icedream (yes dream not cream, I will cut you) is my weakness, and if you haven’t tried their Chocolate Chunk Cookie . . . DO IT.  It will change your life. Thomas is a die-hard fan of the cookie. 

As I wrap up this ode to Chick-fil-A, my vote for a new actual menu item (it’s supposedly a secret menu item!?) would be a buffalo chicken sandwich. I make my (own) version by adding their buffalo and ranch sauce to the ‘Original’ sandwich–One pack of each. It’s a bit messy, but beyond worth it. Do not omit the pickle. In fact, I get extra pickles. 

I recommend you try it, too. Just not on any given Sunday.

You can thank me later. And my response will more than likely be . . . 

My pleasure.”


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P.S.-Feel free to comment your Chick-fil-A menu favs below…I’m always up for trying new things (although there is a pretty solid chance I’ve already tried it). 


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