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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts.

Anyone who knows me, knows this is completely untrue–Especially if you have ever joined me at a movie theater. Yes, I still hold my ears and cover my eyes at nearly 33 years of age. And it doesn’t have to be for a scary movie either. 

Think there may be a loud noise?  Ears covered. 

Potential for something remotely gory?  Hands over eyes. 

It gets really tricky when I feel there is a chance for both to occur simultaneously, lemme tell ya. Let’s just say I do not like loud noises and ‘the shock value‘ of any movie (or anything in life that catches me off guard, honestly) makes me very uncomfortable.

(Singing) “If there’s somethin’ weird and it don’t look good…Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!”

Moving right along, in honor of Halloween, (which is NOT my favorite for obvious reasons as briefly mentioned in Hello, October.) I will share my recent Atlanta cemetery tour experience with you. 

Just for reference, before I agreed to go–I had to be assured that it wasn’t one of those haunted type things where people jump out and scare you with chainsaws etc. because I would have opted out, no doubt: Deuces. ✌️Y’all have fun with all that. 

I have been tricked and traumatized more than once in my life by ‘friends’ (including my very own husband) who get a kick out of terrorizing me. Not funny…You know who you are. 😒 I still have nightmares (10 years later) of the crazy Grudge thing that made the weird croaking noise of death.  Really–Who thinks of this crap?!

So basically, Oakland is a famous 48 acre cemetery on the outskirts of Downtown Atlanta and this tour was like a cool history lesson, not some scary nonsense. Thank you, Jesus.


Alarming fact: Nearly 50% of the 70K residents are under the age of 18 and approximately 7K resident sites are for Confederate soldiers who died in Atlanta hospitals or on nearby battlefields, most of which are unmarked. 

Oakland hosts many events throughout the year to fund much needed restoration and their annual Halloween “Capturing the Spirit of Oakland” event sells out quickly as it is considered a tradition for many. . . To give you an idea, our tickets for this October’s event were purchased in July and sold out soon after. 

Each year, Oakland volunteers dress up as featured residents on or near ‘their’ grave sites and tell ‘their’ story to guests as they walk through a designated pathway dimly lit by small spotlights and string lights.  

Never thought I would actually like something like this but it was super cool. 

ANNNDD, they had adult beverages available for purchase at a cutesy bar set up outside of the cemetery gift shop…where the tour begins and ends. Good call, Oakland. 

Overall, a really neat experience—Highly recommend stopping by the cemetery if you visit Atlanta in the near future.  And wherever you are today, I hope you have safe and Happy Halloween! 

As for me…I will be at my brother-in-law’s for their family friendly neighborhood trick-or-treat festivities with the kids, most likely passing out candy/sifting through the bucket of sugary goodness for Milk Duds to pocket. 

And no, I won’t be dressed as Monica Lewinsky. Lesson learned, remember?  Sorry to disappoint. 

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