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Kelly Green.

So I went to bed last night in a terrible mood, and woke up to the dreaded alarm this morning. . . not much change.  Possibly worse considering the fact that I am far from a morning person. I got up and got ready with one thing on my brain:

“Starbucks will make it better.”

Made it out the door, kissed my husband goodbye, apologized for my foul attitude, told him I loved him and got in my car. I placed my regular (fall) order online: Grande Triple PSL, extra hot: Ready in 3-8 minutes.  Started my engine and headed off to coffee land. 

I am always, ALWAYS running late. Punctuality is something I attempt to work on and fail miserably most of the time. 

Typically I throw my car in park, run into Starbucks, grab my pre-order from the barista, mumble thank you, run back out and pray to the good Lord I make it to work on time. 

Except this morning was different. 

The cup was different. 

It was green.  A bright Kelly Green with an illustration covering the entire side:

People. All smiling. 

Starbucks usually starts ‘the holiday season’ with a red cup, which by the way caused a bunch of controversy last year. And once Halloween ends, the ‘red cup’ (usually) makes it’s annual debut shortly thereafter. 

But, I have never seen a cup quite like this and I have been a Starbucks regular for quite some time. 

I slowed down for a minute, looking at the intricate design.  I took the time to actually thank the barista (in a more genuine manner) and as I walked out the door…above their new ‘green cup’ door sign (previously a ‘PSL’ cup) read: 

“Be good to each other.”

Funny how something as simple as a coffee cup can change your mood. 

Outlook on this November 1st, Tuesday: Pretty good. 

As ‘the holiday season’ officially begins (in the world of Starbucks, at least), I say ‘bring it on’. 

Today and everyday, I will do my best to ‘be good’ to others. 

Thanks, Starbucks. 


Photo credit: A. Grayson …photo op missed this morning because I needed that 30 seconds to get to work on time. #latepeopleprobs

Once I made it to work, I (obviously) googled ‘starbucks green cup’ and the design evidently symbolizes unity

Read more about the ‘green cup’ here:




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