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Flippin’ Delicious

Found on the dairy aisle at your local grocery store nestled in with the 1.5 million yogurt options available these days; this stuff is pure heaven. 

The Chobani Greek Yogurt “flip“, my friends, is a gold needle in a haystack of faux gold. And no, (unless you hate yogurt in general) it will not turn you green. 

Speaking of friends, I have my dear friend Dallas to thank for recommending this ‘heaven’ to me (yes, Dallas of the Dallas & Jeffery mentioned in post: “A is for Architect“, if you were wondering). I honestly didn’t believe it could be that good, considering the fact that it is Greek Yogurt. 

But Chobani really outdid themselves when they created this “flip”. 

Dallas, you were right.  Sorry for questioning your tastebuds. I should learn to trust all pregnant friends when it comes to food recommendations, for they always know what’s delicious. 

Well, pregnant friends and my mother, the food guru of the earth…But my mother wouldn’t touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole; as she falls into the ‘unless you hate yogurt in general’ category. She’s pretty picky to say the least with a diet consisting of meat, potatoes and anything sweet…Mom often says, “the only thing green I like is money”.  Not a joke, Lord help us all. 

Getting off track here, totally out of character for me, I know…

Don’t flip out. 

At any rate, My personal favorite flavor is: 

Key Lime Crumble

Tastes just like Key Lime Pie. I wouldn’t lie to you. 

Prerequisite: Must like Key Lime Pie, duh. 

Second Runner Up: Almond Coco Loco

Tastes sorta like an Almond Joy candy bar.

Prerequisite: Must like coconut or move right along to. . .

Third Place: Chocolate Haze Craze 

Tastes a lot like a Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnut  Bar…Foreign to you? Well, it is German. But if you’ve never had one, it’s a chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts (name gives that away-the Germans obviously didn’t get too creative) and you are missing out in life. 

Prerequisite: Must like nuts. Can’t help ya there. 

While the other flavors taste just ‘OK’ to me (yes, I have tried them all–excluding the new flavors which by the way might require a future mini-post update…um ‘Pumpkin Harvest Crisp‘?! Someone PLEASE find me this limited batch of deliciousness ASAP), they aren’t my favorite.  So therefore,  I won’t recommend them to you; Everything Personal (Is this an actual phrase, like the opposite of ‘Nothing Personal‘, or did I just invent it? I’ll ask my friend, Google, and get back to you).

Chobani’s “flip”creation is supposedly deemed healthy, but I won’t promote is as such, because it is far from ‘clean’ (considering the 562 ingredients listed on the label, hello?). But it is healthy in comparison to a big ole slice of cheesecake, when that raging sweet tooth takes control of your mouth. 

Let’s just say it’s a ‘healthy dessert alternative‘.

I’m currently enjoying my Key Lime Crumble healthy dessert (post-lunch snack) alternative at my desk…with a plastic knife. Times are hard,  there is no spoon available to me at the moment, and it’s that delicious. 

Gotta do what ya gotta do. 

Anyway, go grab a carton or 10 from your local grocer, and 

I’ll ‘catch ya on the flip‘. 


P.S.-Guess I invented it:

“Everything Personal.”  -C. Lyons

Meaning: to make reference to a personal opinion; intent for someone to take something personally. Opposite of coined phrase ‘Nothing Personal‘.

Webster, here I come. Although, Urban Dictionary is more my speed. 


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