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Bittersweet Symphony 

If you were born somewhere in the range of 1975 to 1985, not only did I just put The Verve in your head, I totally took you back to 1999 and made you think of another two word (movie) title: Cruel Intentions

I have probably watched that movie 100 times in my life, but the song nor the movie are what my post is about today. 

“I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now.”

Nope, there is something I discovered on Instagram that is worthy of an immediate shout. 

Being the marketer’s dream that I am, I am not quite sure how I did not know about this awesomeness until now. . .

I have rocked a hair tie around my wrist since elementary school. This thick head of hair rarely remains down on any given day, so I need a hair tie readily available at all times. 

As women, (and some men, now that the man bun is a thing) we all know that hair ties have the magical capability of vanishing into thin air. So the ‘around the wrist’ option is the most logical solution. 

Unfortunately, if your wrist is on the larger side, the hairtie is often a quarter of a centimeter from cutting off your circulation. Even with a medium size wrist, it more than likely leaves a cufflike indention. 

Today’s wrist situation. . .To make matters worse, my hair typically requires not one, but TWO hair ties.

Ladies. . . 

Today, I have found a fashionable solution. 

Your wrists will thank me. 

Bittersweet (the original hair tie holding) Bracelets by Maria Shireen® 

The perfect addition to your arm candy.

Excerpt from “About” section of the Maria Shireen website

Such a cool concept.  👏

I suggest you read the full story (and shop) once you finish reading my spiel– Don’t worry, I won’t elaborate too much.  Her website pretty much speaks for itself. . . I am just acting as a megaphone for a quick sec. 

She’s got a few different styles beyond the original ‘bittersweet’ collection including a workout friendly option called ‘athleisure’ and a luxury collection, which offers the bracelet in higher-end metals. She’s even got a sassy collection geared towards kids/teens.  My personal fave is ‘the charity tie’ collection because a portion of the proceeds from your purchase go to 1 of 3 different non-profits depending on the style you choose. 

Price point is super reasonable (in my opinion) for all collections, considering the bracelets are fashionable and more importantly, functional. Bracelet Prices range from $35-$120 for adult styles and $12-$20 for kid/teen styles. 

You also have an option to personalize the inside for an additional $25 which is great for gift purposes (Note–the charity ties are engraved with #BANDOFSTRENGTH, which I love)  

Standard size for bracelets are 6 – 6.75” in circumference.

The Flower design is offered in S/M/L sizes:(S)Fits wrists up to 5.5 – 6.25” in (M)Fits wrists up to 6 – 6.75” in (L)Fits wrists up to 6.5 – 7.5” in 

FYI–She sells cute little hairtie bundles for $5 ea, too. 

Be sure to keep holiday order deadlines in mind to make sure you get these pretties under the tree:

Or if you are anything like me, you will just buy one (or two) for yourself. Right Now. 

Let Freedom Ring. 


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