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Oh the things they come up with to prompt a smile. . . 

1-2-3 Say CHEESE!

The “cheese” mouthed smile is beyond awkward to say the least.  But awkwardness aside, it has been the picture posing standard for many years.


Pretty sure I was saying “cheese” here. FAIL. My grandma was obviously a rebel. Read on…

Speaking of still having teeth, dare I say that my grandma (Mom’s mom, MamMaw, God rest her soul) opted for, “Say SEX”, whenever she was asked to take someone’s picture?  (Obvious) Sidenote: When I say ‘someone’, I am referencing an adult. 

Although inappropriate in most situations, it caused for a much better unposed photo outcome–considering the fact that a semi-risqué term was coming from the mouth of a seemingly sweet elderly lady. (Elderly…who comes up with these words anyway?) 

NEWS FLASH: Old people have sex just like you*.  How do you think you got here?

(*if you are married of course,  LOL.) 

At 32 (and seemingly ‘middle-aged’), I’m honestly trying to figure out when I’ll be considered ‘elderly’ or OLD in general.  More importantly, when will I see myself as ‘elderly’? I’m pretty sure my grandmother never did (unless it allowed for a senior citizen discount, then duh, ALL IN).  And she was awesome, lemme just tell you. 

Gah, I miss that lady. I’ll have to tell you her story later. It’s a good one. 

For now, let me attempt to get to my point. I cast my (subject) line way left and I gotta reel this tangent back in before it becomes totally inappropriate or moves too far from the intended objective (something I am unaccustomed to…ha!).

SMILE. AmazonSmile. MamMaw would be a huge fan, no doubt. As a proud owner of the WebTV in the 90s, she is looking down smiling at how far we’ve come. 

I made a light mention of it in my last mini-post (But First…Let me take a #(UN)SELFIE) and hyperlinked it, but it is definitely worth elaborating on because it doesn’t cost you anything. You can positively impact a nonprofit organization, ah hem GIVE BACK, just by shopping on Amazon. How awesome is that? 

That being said, here’s a little personal history/insight on Amazon. 

Amazon is my life when it comes to online shopping and has been for quite some time. I have been a Prime member since it was an option.  Before that, I would ALWAYS make sure to order $25 worth of crap I didn’t need to qualify for the ‘super saver shipping‘. 

Then VOILA! You can pay an annual fee and get anything you could ever want–no tax, free shipping, delivered to your door in 2 days flat? 


And yes, I have ordered a number of things for other people who refuse to join. Why Amazon doesn’t put a limit on the addresses you can send to (on non-gift orders) or on the payment info you can save under multiple names, I’m not quite sure–But hey, yet another perk of the membership. And yet another way I have “given back” to others, I suppose. 

For those of you that are avid members like me, we (Prime junkies) have come a long way, huh? Our memberships now include Amazon Prime Music, and Movies, and Books (and other cool things I may not know about because I missed the email notification in the sea of 40K emails in my inbox–yes, I am that girl). . . Oh my!  

What in the world are they gonna come up with next? 

The possibilities are endless and we (legit) members get a front row seat to take them all in as quick as the 1-click Ordering feature. 

Back to my point again, though. . . 

How many of you shop for your holiday gifts? Can’t get any better than shopping from the comfort of your home, right? 

…Crossing off those ‘Santa’ lists with the click of a button and most items delivered to your door within the aforementioned  ‘2 Prime days’—You can’t help but smile because, lets face it, convenience equals happiness. 😄

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice, when you shop at AmazonSmile. . . Anytime of year, not just during the holidays! 

Same products.  Same prices. Same service. 

Yes, AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know (and love) with the added benefit of being able to support a charitable organization that is near and dear to your heart. 

Although, I highly suggest a Prime membership, you don’t need one to use this feature.  But you MUST shop using an AmazonSmile link you create at

Once created, bookmark this link to your favorites on your cell phone, tablet, or on your computer at home and make sure to use it anytime you complete your purchase.  I will admit that I don’t always remember to use it, as the Amazon App is verryyyy convenient. But, I do try and you should too! 

I also just found these handy-dandy instructions online, to make your ‘Smile’ experience a little easier. Remember: 


While I can’t vouch for it quite yet, I am adding it to my weekend checklist of things to do:

“If your happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it…”

As for me, I’ll be spending my Saturday ‘Shopping Local’ with Mom, Downtown Ocean Springs for their Annual Holiday Open House. If you are shopping local today, you get a pass. No worries, I’ll be wearing my AmazonSmile Black Friday acquired Vince Camutos. 😉

3 weeks till Christmas Eve! 

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