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You’ve Got Mail…

And not in your email inbox. 

That package from Amazon is ‘out for delivery’. 

Someone thought enough of you to handwrite a card, shove it in an envelope, lick the seal, and stick a stamp on it. 

Or it could be a dreaded bill or a pile of junk mail, but let’s pretend these items don’t exist at the moment. (Work with me here.)

Pretty much everyone I know is in the home stretch of their Christmas shopping this week, or finished already. 

If you are anything like me, (online shopping is my jam) packages are coming in left and right via USPS, UPS and sometimes FedEx.

Ever think of your mail carrier, or the UPS/FedEx guy when it comes to Christmas gifts? 

Service people work their butts off for us. Sure, I know what you are thinking, my husband says it all the time: “It’s their job”.  

But, what would you do if they weren’t around? Showing some extra appreciation, especially while they are probably pulling extra shifts to get the job done, goes a long way. 

Do me a favor. If your budget is relatively flexible, add them to this week’s shopping/grocery list. 

No clue what to get them? Try a gift card for a well-known restaurant – ranging from $5 at Chick-fil-A to $25 at Outback Steakhouse (or someplace fancier that I may not even know about if you are feeling generous.)

How ’bout one of those big tins of assorted popcorn at Walmart? 

Did you get one of those ready-made Starbucks gift sets from your co-worker and don’t drink coffee? Hello, re-gifting opportunity! Someone else would love it! (Don’t forget to take the gift tag off. TO: Claire FROM: Your Secret Santa.) Oops. . . that would be bad. 

If your gift budget doesn’t have any more room to groove, maybe take one of your family Christmas cards and handwrite a personal note thanking them for their service. They would probably enjoy seeing and hearing from a family they service almost every day. 

You would be shocked at how far a little kindness goes. If there is one thing my mom taught me that has resonated most, it is that.  

And well, of course, the “Susanism” that there are two people in life you need to be nice to: the janitor and the secretary.  

Sometimes replaced with: your mailman and your hairdresser. (While your at it, add them to your list, too.)

Basically, anyone who provides a service to you that you couldn’t live without. . . think of them today and do something nice. Go out of your way to show your appreciation.

“Thanks for the package.”

“I like your hair.”

It’s the simple things that mean the most. 


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