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Hope is Real. 

Finish line crossed…we officially conquered 2016 (and so did Betty White!) 

As for ErinEdits and me, we rang in the new year together. We drank lots of wine. We played Watch Yo Mouth. We watched the train-wreck that was Mariah Carey’s failed lip sync performance (or whatever it was) in her nude leotard, and I learned that Dick Clark is no longer with us (Oops! RIP). 

Best game ever.
We sang Auld Lang Syne, or sorta mouthed the words that no one really knows…

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot and something, something, somethinggggg.”

But most importantly, we had fun. And fun is important because. . .

Fun = Happy. 

And Happy 2017! 

It looks like our {Trite} Holiday Blessings Challenge has straddled the new year. For our fourth and final challenge, we choose HOPE.  

And what more appropriate time to do so than the start of a new year? Collective hope abounds today – and will for about two more weeks! Lol. 


What do we know about hope?

We know it is a thing with feathers (thank you, Emily Dickinson), that it anchors the soul (Hebrews 6:19), and that it floats (thanks, Sandra and HCJ). We know we should never lose it, but if we do, that it can always be found.

But Claire and I like to keep it real, right? So what is hope really?

Well, unlike its first-cousin (as am I to Claire) “love,” hope is not most powerful as a verb. Nor is it as lofty as a dream or as specific as a wish.

Hope is real. 

It is; I promise! It’s a thing. I actually have some in a jar that I put on my face every morning and night. Truth.

And not only does it moisturize my skin (while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles), but it also fuels my life. I literally run on hope, and sometimes hope alone.  

For me, hope is more than just a thing; it’s a force.

The force that pulls me out of bed every morning even when I haven’t slept . . . that pushes me out the door when I don’t want to face the day . . . that drives my decisions when I have no idea what I even want . . . that slams the door in fear’s face . . . that knocks down the walls around my heart . . . that powers the smile on my face . . .that holds the pen as I write.

Hope is the force behind our bravery, our determination, our perseverance, and behind (gasp!) change.

I have always felt blessed with many gifts, which I try (operative word) to put to good use. But hope – that optimistic, faith-filled force – is my secret weapon.

Hope is real. And it works so well that I will keep buying new jars of it. 

And “may the force be with you”… 


So today, January 1, 2017, marks 33 years on Earth for me, and my beloved Google knows what’s up.

It’s New Year’s Day, and I (like most living breathing humans) am hopeful. 

Today, I get to write another 365-page chapter of life, most of which will be shared with you.

But unlike most years, this year there will be no resolution. 

As previously mentioned, in most life situations I am either all the way off or all the way on. This year, I am striving for “happy-medium” rather than perfection–

Adding my very own dimmer switch and setting it half-way, if you will.  

This internal “dimmer-switch” will allow me to create the quintessential mood-lighting within my mind and body that will (hopefully) help me to become a more relaxed, intimate, happy(-medium) me. 

No one is perfect, and I am no longer striving for perfection because it is unrealistic

As most years come to a close I find myself unhappy, and at 33 – I need this to change. I am over setting myself up for failure every single year. So here I am–Ready, set, go . . .

My finish-line is real.

It is happy and medium (and dimly lit.)

And I am hopeful. 

We HOPE your 2017 is (imperfectly) awesome. 

Happy New Year! 

“For auld lang syne, my dear

For auld lang syne

We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet

For auld lang syne.”

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