About Claire

Hmmm . . . where to start?  Guess I will give you the quick version of my life thus far beginning, well, at the beginning.

I was born the “New Year’s Baby” for Sumter County , South Carolina in the early ’80s (front page of the newspaper, we are talking celeb status right out the gate…lol). I am the only child of two of the finest parents a girl could ask for. Yes, really! 

My father was in the military, and we moved around quite a bit while I was growing up. I met my best friend (now husband), Thomas, at age 14 when Dad was stationed at a base in Biloxi, Mississippi. A year later, it was time to pack up and move again, this time to Northern Virginia…17 hours away.  Somehow, Thomas and I never lost touch. Even if we didn’t talk for months at a time, we always seemed to pick up where we left off.

After I graduated from college (somehow), my dad retired and my parents moved back to South Carolina, so I figured Charlotte, NC would be the perfect place for me to settle as a twenty-something ready to take on the world. Well, I “figured” wrong. Not a great chapter for me, so we will fast forward a bit.

Compliments of a “flash in the pan” airline by the name of Skybus that marketed a Mardi Gras flight to my old stomping grounds at a ridiculously low rate (think $60 round trip) and a crappy job market (CVS, I still love you), I found myself heading back to Mississippi for a much needed reunion. 

Little did I know that a month later, I would be moving back to B-town to finally give romance a shot with . . . you guessed it – Thomas!

After a few more months, an engagement in NYC (don’t judge, I’ve known the guy since we teeny-bopper dated back in the day, remember?), and a big Catholic wedding in 2009 (did I mention that I suffer from social anxiety?), we began (continued) our roller coaster of a life together in Biloxi.  

Growing up in a “southern” household regardless of locality, with two parents born and raised in South Louisiana, I have never felt more at home than I did while living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I am happy to be able to say I am home now, this time for the duration.

Thomas & I have no human children yet (we aren’t able to have our own, unfortunately), but we are parents to two French bulldogs, Lucy and Jules. They were recently abducted by my parents while we moved into our house (a houseplan we worked with an architect to create, and a house building endeavor we contracted out ourselves with no experience AT ALL in contracting) , and well . . . I am not sure if we will ever get full custody again. More on all of that later.

So basically, if you are a lover of play-by-the-rules, stuffy, high-end home decor and architectural design, this probably isn’t the blog for you, as I am a rule breaker and limit pusher by nature. But if you think you’d enjoy some witty and often inappropriate (See Erin Edits) insight into how my husband and I created our dream coastal cottage home on a wing, a prayer, and some deep-rooted bargain-hunting genes, then you’re in the right place. DISCLAIMER: This will also be my place to vent and let my sarcasm run free!

Bottom line is–I like what I like, and everything about my home is a reflection of who we are and the things we love. You will definitely see family photos old and new scattered throughout my house, and yes, in the great room, too (gasp)!

To start, I will be taking a stroll down memory lane and sharing different chapters of our home-building journey with you. But more than that, this blog is about real life, because let’s face it – you can’t make this shit up! Like most thirty-something couples, Thomas and I have been busy building our family, home, and careers exactly as we hoped and expected . . . 


But as the twists and turns continue, we have learned to enjoy the ride and make the most of this crazy life…whether it’s the mundane daily grind, traveling to a place we’ve never been and trying every yelp or urbanspoon recommended hole in the wall restaurant along the way, or filling you in on the latest “real life” struggle–I hope my posts inspire you to make the most of your crazy life too. 

To get a better idea of how I roll, think Joanna Gaines meets Amy Schumer (maybe not quite as cool, but I try). At the very least you may get an off-the-wall decorating idea or seven, have an aha (or “aw hell”) moment, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a good laugh in the process. 

Welcome, frands.💜