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The World Needs Us

Women who get up every day and do a million smart, generous, brave, supportive, productive, resourceful things. Women who make hard, conflicting, selfless, sacrificing choices. Women who accept, adapt, reinvent, persevere, and survive. Women who learn, grow, forgive, surrender, and transform. Women, who nurture, teach, create, and give back. Women who pour unconditional love and… Continue reading The World Needs Us

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Sh*t Happens 

FOREWORD Figuratively…and well, literally.  I know, I know…It’s bananas.  (B-A-NAN-A-S)  Sometimes it hits the fan and it can get pretty deep… Some days we just feel like it and some days we gotta get it together. Everyone deals with it…Some more so than others. Today I introduce a friend of a friend who is now… Continue reading Sh*t Happens 

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All You Need Is Love

“All you need is love, Love…” (And a beach, and a chair, and a sunset. LOL…I kid, I kid. Well, sort of…) So Christmas happened. And in the midst of all the hustle, our mini-series of posts made some progress in our heads, but not much on paper (or screen). While Claire was experiencing the… Continue reading All You Need Is Love

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Buck Tradition: An Erin Edition

 Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I did not eat turkey.   The ‘Elf on the Shelf‘ did not arrive.   But by the grace of God,  I survived it. This holiday season will be my third to experience as a single mother. I really thought I would “have it together” by now and that the awkward,… Continue reading Buck Tradition: An Erin Edition

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Hello From the Other Side…

(Claire’s) FOREWORD So here’s the situation on this (not so) mini-post:  I wanted to get a post up about my Adele concert experience before my ‘big’ post hits Sunday. So I asked my friend Stacy (mentioned in Stoned on Stapleton) to give me a couple paragraphs on the concert.  Well, 10 pages and a bottle… Continue reading Hello From the Other Side…

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Silence IS Golden and Stars DO Align: The First of Many ERIN EDITionS

{Claire’s} Foreword Although I am new to this whole blogging deal, I have what they call “writer’s block” in the world of writing from time to time.  Yep, after pouring my heart out to you in my (non-mini-blog) post last Sunday about a very sensitive subject, I had a really hard time focusing on this… Continue reading Silence IS Golden and Stars DO Align: The First of Many ERIN EDITionS