Erin Edits 

For those of you that know me {Claire} well, I am a far cry from politically correct. Enter, my cousin Erin Trahan who graciously edits my writing into what I call the “Sweet Valley High” version so that it appeals to a broader audience.  

Erin describes herself as a “modern and resourceful single mom trying to figure out Plan B as she counts down to the big 4-0.”

She is the mother of two boys (a 12-and an 8-year old), a big sister to three dynamic and talented siblings, a writer, a runner, a fashionista, and currently a professional substitute teacher (a gig she LOVES). 

Erin has spent the last twenty years writing, editing, and communicating other people’s thoughts. She swears she will share her own soon. 

For now, she enjoys editing, teaching, and encouraging others to embrace the craft she loves. And as she says, 

“I’m that writer who knows exactly how to fix everyone else’s work, just no idea how to create my own.”

Her dream is to write professionally from her happy place — the beach! And one day, she will.